Almost a month in!

I have done a lot in my time here already. Joined a rugby team, Started going to school, made friends and listened to the Argentine people talk talk and talk.

It all kicked off with the introduction week were at 10 pm. Had to car pool with the Australians from Buenas Aires so it wasn't off to a great start but I got over it. Got to the place that we were staying and was greeted by 10 people from all over the world. Had a meet and greet then headed off to bed..... Turns out that Argentina is actually pretty hot, I woke up with enough sweat to fill an olympic swimming pool and 50% of the blood in my body in the stomach's of mosquitos. This week consisted of Spanish lessons, strategies on how to deal with likely situations here and visiting the all the main sights, like the flag monument. The week came and went in the blink of an eye, on arrival I was keen to move on but when it was time to leave I wished it was just a bit longer, but ot was on to the next adventure and I met Laura and Julian who were to be my family for the next few months.

I exhausted all my Spanish knowledge in about 5 minutes and then came to the realisation that it might not be as easy to communicate to people who don't speak the same language....

I like to think of myself as a person who can handle their food but I think that the average 5 year old here could eat more than me. We went off to Laura's mothers house which is a five minute walk from hers after I got settled in to have a lunch. I was not ready for what their definition of "Lunch" is. It consists of about three courses, each individual one enough to feed a small city. I left with about 5 more kgs to carry home. I also had an Argentinian Asado, which consists of Meat, Vaca and Carne (might have to google the last two). The first night I went to see all of Julian's friends. I discovered even if you can't talk to them the Argentinian people are the most friendly in the world, a few could speak english and that mixed in with my 5 spanish words that I knew I managed to converse with them and they have very similar humour to my friends back home. I got asked all the basic quenstions, like family, home, what I do, music then someone came up to me and asked if I like "Dank memes". I said I didn't mind the odd photo and now am in a group chat with 5 people who talk english that send "Memes" to each other. I arrived home and tried to absorb all the Spanish before I started School. In the two weeks that I had without school I joined a gym and rugby team.

I got to school and came to the discovery that being able to speak the same language as the teachers is necessary to learn. Even though we couldn't really talk my classmates took me in and helped me out. School here is not something that most of the students seem to take that serious, the school seems to be run by loud 16 year old girls, that the teachers can't seem to control. I've been aquatinted with almost the whole school and everyone is a friendly as the other. I've been to get Macdonalds after school with about 10 of them and am messaged about 3 times a day to see if I need help with anything. At the moment in Argentina the teachers are on strike wanting more pay, this means for me that I only have about 3 days of school a week, where I go to school at 7, get home at 1 and still have the the rest of the day.

There's a little sport named Soccer or Futbol is quite popular here. There is two main teams here "Rosario Central" and "Newell". If you like one team then your hated by the other and if you like none than everybody hates you because you have to love the sport here. My family here supports Rosario Central, therefore so do I. I went to the Stadium to watch the game and it was just under two hours of standing, chanting, complaining and cheering. It was defiantly a new experience for me.

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