18 Days left

Only have 18 days left and it's times like these where you realise that 3 months is not a very long amount of time. I am now more confident with my Spanish speaking ability and really feel at home here. I have gotten into a cycle of going to school, having rugby practise, the odd siesta and managing to keep up with the intensity of the Argentina people! Every few weeks there seems to be a new public holiday, in my time here I'll only have two full week of school but for the others that are here for a longer amount of time it will settle down soon and carry on as a normal school year. I've also had my first exam which was on the english language! I came out feeling alright but am still a bit worried that I might not have passed. A few weeks ago my Chemistry teacher passed on the baton for a day and got me to teach a class, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to teach about a subject where I can hardly pronounce the words in english so I did Polymerisation. It went ok and I feel like I expanded the minds of my students a we bit. Rugby is going well too, unfortunately I can't play the games because I would have to become a member of the club first which would be a bit expensive for my short time here but I'm enjoying the practise and it will be good ti have a few hours under the belt already from when I return so I'm not much behind my team in New Zealand! Although it is a bit different having a 40 minute commute to practise instead of walking outside to my school field in New Zealand but the trainings are pretty much the same! I really feel at home here with the family and that they've accepted me so I will definitely be returning in a few year with hopefully a bit more confidence in speaking the language.

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