Made it home!!

I managed to make it home with only forgetting my passport in rosario, so I had to go back when I was leaving, accidentally leaving a knife that was a gift in my carry on bag and getting patted down at 2 airports! Overall I had an amazing experience, everyone I met was so incredibly nice and welcoming. It was also really awesome to see people with so little still be so happy! For me personally it wasn't the country or city that made my experience it was the people that from the start greeted me with open arms and I never felt homesick or sad the whole time I was there! I'm home now and managed to finish an internal already in the first 3 days back at school and have told everyone my stories and done all the meet and greets. My Spanish is also gotten up to a decent level too! I was able to speak confidently at the end of my trip and have managed to carry it on here, talking to some of my south american friends here. If anyone is considering going to Argentina I would absolutely reccomend it, I became amazing friends with my host brother and my host mother was just as insane and as funny as my real mother. Lastly Thank you to everyone that made this trip possible, I'm very grateful for what they have done.

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